Creative Development

Our team of world-class award-winning creatives focus on delivering campaign strategies that are built for today’s digital marketplace.

The world of entertainment and marketing are merging in the new digital landscape. At Burn the Boats, we have sold multiple shows to Comedy Central, written for CBS Television, and created content for the worlds top brands. We have also been contracted by Fremantle Media, the largest television production company in the world, to write and develop shows as well as produce content. We develop memorable creative that incorporates your marketing objectives while holding an audience’s attention. Whether it is a conservative B2B project or an attention grabbing B2C project, our creatives understand how to write for the tone for your brand.

First things first.

Before we decide which tactics will serve your brand best, we’ll work with you to define your marketing strategy, and form a clear vision for your brand and business goals. Then, we’ll hand pick your team of talent based on your brief, your budget, and how your video content will best serve you. Some brands need digital display advertising for their online marketing, some need short-form branded content, some need long-form branded content, some need corporate videos, some need high quality shareable videos loaded with viral potential, some need incredible motion graphics with messages and typography that grab the viewer and don’t let go, and some need all of the above. One thing is universal though – every brand needs the needle moved. Making that happen is what we do.

A deep bench.

We move the needle because we have been cultivating our bench of talent since 2007. Our teams are full, and diverse; with directors, producers, production services, writers, art directors, creative directors, post-production crews, editors – we have them all. Their experience is rich. We are ready to strategize, write, ideate, create, shoot, produce, edit, and deliver.
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