Social media marketing

Generate more trackable leads and sales with a proven Social Media Marketing strategy in place, delivered by experts.

One of the advantages of working with Burn the Boats is that our creative team and our ad buying team work together on every project. Our creative team collaborates with our expert ad buyers when scripts are written to ensure messaging and campaign tactics are aligned. 

Our proven social media marketing support involves us developing the creative content needed to attract, convince, and convert your audience. We use clever paid social media ads to pin-point and nurture your ideal customers to purchase your products/services.

Everything is tracked and reported to you. It’s 100% transparent so you can see the content and paid ads we set up, and how much revenue they are generating.

How does it work?

This allows us to find out more about your business and what you’re looking for. From there, we can arrange a meeting or video call.

2. Creative Meeting

Next, we present how we will support you to achieve your objectives and associated investment fees.

3. Strategy & Delivery

Once the agreement is signed, we develop an effective social media marketing strategy tailored to your business objectives & implement it (once signed off).

4. Reporting

You’ll have full access to the ads we set up and will see all of the performance data, including revenue generated. We can also provide additional reporting on your chosen KPIs.
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