Strategy Development

Why invest in Strategy Development?

Being directionless without a digital strategy is costing your business money and the opportunity cost of growth. To move potential customers from awareness to a sale or deepen relationships with current customers via social channels, it takes a sound strategy with the analytics in place to effectively measure a campaign. 

Most companies don’t have a powerful online unique selling proposition that is clearly defined to quickly position themselves in the mind of an online consumer. This lack of clarity will cause the consumer to keep scrolling. 

Data Driven Creative

Clearly Define A Powerful Online Selling Proposition

We work with you and your team to clearly define a powerful online selling proposition to increase the effectiveness of the content we create.

Identify Segmented Customer Audiences

We work with you to break down your customers and create an avatar to market to.

Identify Segmented Customers Pain Points

We work with you and do research to understand a potential customers pain points.

Develop Creative For:

Attention, Re-Engagement, Retargeting, and Conversion.
Develop a series of creative that satisfies the different objectives. Within those objectives we create alternate creatives for A/B Testing.

Data We Use for Developing Your Creative


Behavioral data

Enables targeting based on a user’s previous web browsing behavior across the internet. This is collected by placing a cookie on a users browser.

Contextual data

Enables targeting based on the content viewed by the user. This is most effective in aligning the messaging of your ad to the kind of content your customers are viewing.

Psychographic data

Provides insight about the customers including their personalities, beliefs, values, interests, and lifestyles. This helps in painting a more detailed picture of who is your target audiences and what motivates them to buy something.

Demographic data

Provides details such as age, gender, income, marital status, and house size of your customer.

Geographic data

Provides information on where your customers are. It is useful targeting specific regions, especially for brand and business which have to tailor their ads, keeping in mind the local sensibilities.

Data Driving Creative Campaigns

Find New Leads or Customers

We create a Lookalike audience to reach new people who resemble your best customers based on: 

  • Similar Interests 
  • Age and Location 
  • Flexibility of audience size 

Bring Back Website Visitors

We create a custom audience to reconnect with your previous website visitors who: 

  • Added items to a cart
  • Looked a specific product or page
  • Completed a purchase
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